Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saturday AM thimking

School has begun for the little chillrun...and I am once again driving a bus to get the little ones to and from their appointed places.

There are some pretty good insights into human behavior that can be seen from behind the wheel of the yellow behemoth.

You can sure tell the chillrun who come from a loving family, they demonstrate respect for each other, and obedience for the laws and rules.

It is especially telling when you have a bus load of chillrun who come out of a culture that doesn't teach discipline and obedience to authority.

Ah, that is enuff for that thought.

As I was getting ready for this day, this morning, the thought occurred to me, that a bus with fifty chillrun, ages 5 through 12, prolly weighing an average of 50 or 60 pounds would give the bus a weight of around 2500 to 3000 pounds.

Hmmm, that is about a ton and a half. Then when you factor in the weight of the bus itself, you are looking at prolly three or more tons of brute steel and rubber rolling down the road.

Forget all your facts about stopping distances for your Prius...this bus is gonna take two to three times as much distance to stop.

Oh, speaking of stopping...when you see those yellow lights on the top of the bus start flashing? Get ready to stop, cuz when the red lights come on, the LAW says you must stop a minimum of 200 feet away. I have yet to see anyone stop and allow that safety cushion.

Should you, decide it ain't that important to stop, cuz the kids haven't even gotten off the bus yet. Let me tell you a story.

Last school year, I observed a vehicle not even slowing down as it approached my bus, even tho the red lights had been flashing and the stop arm was extended.

I wrote down the vehicle description and the license plate number, which I reported. The person driving was issued a summons to court for the violation.

In the summons was an option to pay $150.00 for the violation, or to appear in court and present your case. A caveat was included in the letter that stated should a person choose to appear in court, and be found guilty, the fine would be at the judge's discretion.

This lady, chose to appear in court, upon learning the facts of the violation, she admitted that she had not been paying attention and may have seen the bus.

The judge levied a fine of $250.00 and placed a lien on her car, until such time as the fine was paid.

It seems to my military mind, that people would be interested in promoting the safety of the chillrun while using a school bus.

But reality, tells me, that we live in a post-modern society, that no longer places any concern for the chillrun, in fact, chillrun start out as biological masses, and may be disposed of at any time.

My dear friend, Mamacita , has often shared about her concern for the chillrun based on raising her own, and having been a middle school teacher. I wonder if she has ever cogitated on the safety of chillrun on the buses?

Well, I guess that is a pretty lengthy rant; perhaps I should stop here and do something else.

Wanna have a head-shaking experience?

Drive a school bus.

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Mamacita (Mamacita) said...

Come to think of it, I've not posted anything yet about the school buses!

I think all drivers should be forbidden to smoke on or near the bus or school. I think all drivers who disregard the bus's lights and stop signs should be arrested, serve some jail time, forfeit their car for at least a month, and pay out the nose. Stupidity should carry a cost for the stupid one, not merely for society at large.

Buses should have seat belts. The main reasons they don't is because you can wedge more kids in one seat if they don't have to be buckled, and that the belts cost a lot of money. Nothing about child safety, etc, and all about the almighty dollar.

I have more to say on this subject, but I might save it for later. Or for a post. Who knows what I'll do?