Monday, September 1, 2008

Preachin to the choir

When are we gonna wake up in this country and recognize that we have allowed ourselves to be led down a slippery slope?

Citizens of this great country, lying in wait to attack, and possibly maim, or kill fellow citizens, simply because they don't like their belief?

How sad to realize we have become divided; and that there are people who definitely wish ill of others in this country.

It would appear Kruschev was pretty prescient when he stated that Russia would bury the US.

We are almost there!

Looking back on Russian history, we see that one example of life was that everyone watched and told authorities what every one else was doing.

I have read many articles of people visiting the USSR, and being amazed that as they walked around, they found no smiles on the poeple; and the people appeared to lack any hope.

Ah, hope, the cherished word we are hearing bandied around by a presidential hopeful.

How much hope can I anticipate, in having a government that wants me to stop driving my car, wants to increase the taxes I have to pay, thereby reducing any income I may have?

How much hope, can I anticipate, when I know that the supporters of one poli-tic-al party are willing to hurt, maim, or kill supporters of the opposing party?

We learned from hurricane Katrina, how vulnerable people can be when their weapons are confiscated, and they are without any means of sel protection, except for "The Man". And yet, we have a presidential candidate who wants to confiscate all firearms, and make us vulnerable.

There is something to say about "law abiding" people, obeying the law; while outlaws, and crminals, laugh at the law, and the law abiding citizens.

To my military mind, nothing stops a criminal better than a dose of .357 magnum. You want to throw urine, or feces at me, as I walk by? Consider your options, and then act accordingly.

Well, that is prolly enuff ranting for the time being. I love the US of A, and all she stands for, I am truly sickened to see what we are becoming and where we are heading.

Come, LORD Jesus, come quickly.

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