Sunday, August 31, 2008

Expressly expressed

Just received an email inviting me to view photos from the recent reunion I attended...

When you click on "view your friend's photos" it takes you to an enrollment page.

Yeah, you cannot view the photos unless you enroll in the program.

When you look at the "terms and conditions" for enrollment, you find this:

When you become a Member, you must provide Snapfish with true, accurate, current, and complete information about yourself when such information is requested by the Service (whether by questionnaires, surveys, registration forms, or other informational requests).

A condition of Membership is your "Active Participation" in the Service. Active Participation is defined as sending in film or purchasing photo merchandise, including reprints and enlargements, through the Service at least once every 365 days.

So, you cannot just view the photos, you must enroll and agree to the terms and conditions.

Well, photos of anything are not that important to me... I have my own digital camera, I can take my own photos and do with them whatever I want to. If you wish to share your photos with me, do so, don't expect me to rush right out and purchase the photos, cuz, prolly ain't gonna happen.

I ain't gonna say no more about this...

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