Thursday, September 18, 2008

No BO; no BS! none of the time

Two elitist voices hover above the crowd...voices that demand attention, but are devoid of any real meaning.

How cognitively dissonant are the words of B Hussein O, that as president he will increase taxes on the wealthy.

Is not Barbara Streisand wealthy? Or am I missing something here? Does it not seem axiomatic that if Babs had the least little inkling that someone in the government was going to go after her wealth, she would find some way to avoid them?

Did not Babs make the statement some time ago that if Bush was elected she would leave the country? How come she hasn't left yet?

No, B Hussein is not going to tax the wealthy, as least not the ones who share his socialistic ideology.

I find it truly sad that there are people in this country, who consider themselves to be above any common denominator.

Is it too much to believe that the ones who are supporting the socialist agenda rapidly taking over this great capitalistic country have dreams of being part of the ruling class?

If we were to go back in history and look at each and every socialist takeover of a country, what would we find happened to the wealthy?

We know that when socialism, communism, dictatorship takes over a country, one of their first priorities is to remove anyone who presents a possibility of undermining the ruling class.

One of the very first things that happens is to confiscate, or make null any and all wealth. Yeah, you got mega bucks stored away, just change the medium of wealth.

Since socialism, and probably all "isms" require the governing body to have all assets, so they may be more equitably doled out to the masses, there can be no personal property ownership.

One of the early events in any "ism" taking over a country is to silence the "media". That means only the official newspaper, radio or tv stations will be available.

Sadly, Rush is correct in his estimation that the most expensive commodity we have in this country is ignorance. I would simply state that closely aligned in perhaps second place would stupidity. But, stupidity cannot be fixed. So, how do we rectify the ignorance running rampant in this country?

Education has been woefully dumbed down to encourage ignorance, the media has been enlisted to reinforce the need for an ignorant population.

A free people, make daily decisions as to how they will live..."isms" take away the right to decide for yourself.

No, no BO and no BS will be my song of lament.

This country has been blessed by God Almighty, to be a shining city on the hill; far too many people want to crush and dissolve this great country, just because they think they have a better idea.

In the Marine Corps, we had a saying that really is appropriate here: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

Ah, now that brings up another thought.

Iatrogenic identifies a, mostly fatal, disease that was introduced by the doctor or health facility.

Universal health care, to my military mind, is iatrogenic, since, many people will not have any health care because of their status.

Socialism, whenever and wherever it has been tried has always been a failure...why are we now even considering implementing it in this country?

God help us!

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