Friday, August 22, 2008

change of scenery

Today I am in my old home town of Thornton, CO.

Tomorrow, some of us from the Mapleton High School class of 1963 will be getting together for our 45th reunion.

So, for all practical purposes, I have been gone from the area for forty years. I am awestruck at the changes in the area.

The little town I grew up in has now connected with Denver, is spread out all over creation.

And driving the interstate reminds me of being in southern California. In fact, coming into the area from the north east, I was aware of the dark haze covering the Rockies...Yassir ubetcha... smog, u know, just like in CA.

I asked the lady on the desk, here at the motel, if the price of my room was so high due to the dem konvention coming next week; she said yes.

So, here I am, back home again...

Interestingly, five years ago, when I came here the 40th reunion, my engine blew on my escape.

So, we'll see how the old crew looks.

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