Friday, August 22, 2008

in hoc signo vinces

This morning's newspaper poll asks: "Do you think an anti-abortion ad should have been included in a school district directory available at Sioux Falls schools?"

Firstly, I understand ads included in school directories/yearbooks are paid for, and help allay costs of printing. If the ad is indeed a paid advertisement, then it should be included.

Nextly, it is well understood that abortion is the law of the is also axiomatic that the gummint school systems are online to teach children anything that is immoral...for years now, we have been inundated on how, we are all sexual creatures, and therefore we should encourage our children at an early age to embrace their sexuality.

Teaching five - eight year old children how to use a condom? No problem, it is more important for them to know how to use a condom then to understand how the United States of America came into being; and what was important to the founding fathers.

In my younger years we used to joke that you either had a birth certificate or an apology letter from BF Goodrich. That ain't the case any longer...condom broke, didn't have time to put one on? Oh, well, if she is preggers, just head on over to planned parenthood, they will take care of it, and it will be paid for with tax money.

Sadly, it has become chic for girls/women to have children; even without visible means of support. R.I.G.H.T! Gummint will take care of her and the children, no problemo!! It is time, Scotty...

No wonder, it appears that the largest majority of supporters of the dems are younger unmarried women...uncle sam will take care of you, regardless of what you may do, or want to do.

According to post-modern thought, the anti-abortion ad undermines the ability of the school, and the gummint, by default, to define appropriate behavior.

But, who would be insensitive enough to claim that not including the ad would be exercising censorship? Just like refusing to teach intelligent design in school, it is too deleterious to allow another "idea" to come into the arena.


Gimme a break...and I don't mean break off a kit-kat bar...

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