Sunday, August 24, 2008

Beyond tired n retired

I am exhausted...I was not able to sleep last night, and I did catch about an hour nap on the drive back from Denver.

I am now back in Sioux Falls, did enjoy the reunion dinner last night...

The thought occurred to me, and I suppose it is prolly politically incorrect, but I was wondering why it takes us forty-five years after graduation to be able to sit down and get to know each other.

I think back to school, and there were the jocks and the cheerleaders/pep club; there were the cool kids who motor scooters, or their own car. Then as we got into our senior year, there were the older kids who could buy beer, cuz you only had to eighteen to buy 3.2.

That brings a chuckle to my mind, cuz, growing up in the Denver area, 3.2% beer was available to anyone eighteen years or older, and it was understood this was Colorado kool-aid; of course reference was to the beer not being stronger, and in inference being for the children. So, when I heard the song on the radio about drinking Colorado kool-aid, that it is powerful enuff to blow your head off, I really had to laugh, and say, HUH?!

Anyway, because of our age, I guess, we had ideas of who we would spend time with, and who was persona non gratis.

And now, forty-five years later, we realize that everyone was successful in whatever endeavor they set out to participate in; and we realize that there are similarities that we either ignored, or were not interested in seeing.

We realize that high school was a time of forming who we are, and what we thought was important in this life.

It seems time has a way of stripping away all preconceived ideas of life. Reality really is a bitch!

After our job firings, divorces, business losses, and family member losses, we realize that there really is not a lot of difference between us, and we cherish that common bond of having been a part of the graduating class.

For about a half an hour, we brainstormed on other students we recalled, but had not been to any of the reunions. Funny, the people you remember, that really did not fit into your group.

Well, that is my random rambling report on the reunion.

Oh, and to show where I fit in in the pecking order, one of the students married and they have a winery where they make their own wine. The husband spent about an hour or so explaining to me the particulars of wine, and what to look for. I ain't never claimed to be sophisticated; but I am always ready to learn.

That's all, I'm going to bed, it has been a long day.

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