Monday, May 19, 2008

Thinkin without getten paid for it

We know that Senator McCain is basically a democrat in a republican disguise.

Looking at 2009 we find that Senator McCain is now President McCain, and he is presenting his candidate to con-gress for Supreme Court judge.

Would anyone be surprised to find the candidate is Hillary Rodham Clinton, or Barrack Hussein Obama?

Talk about jumpin out of the fryin pan and into the fire!

Senator McCain has my deep respect, as a military person, for his time as a prisoner of war in Vietnam.

However, I do not think he is the right person for the billet of Commander in Chief.

Ditto for HRC and BHO.

I sense we are about to witness the demise of the United States of America, as we have known it.

Kruschev was prescient when he stated around fifty years ago, that communism would bury us.

It has taken a while, but we are now only a step away from socialism or communism, or whatever "ism" you might choose to use.

Well, since I am on a roll, thinkin without gettin paid, let me think about something else.

Who is gonna be the first to feel the change that is comin?

The newspapers, and journalists. We continue to hear journalists saying they want to change the world; but seldom do they recognize that in socialism, communism, nazism, whatever "ism" you wish to choose, the newspapers are locked down and the journalists are gotten rid of.

Think freedom of speech... bloggers will disappear, authors will be reduced considerably, the internet will be restricted imediately.

Think ChiCom censorship of web sites.

American Disability Act? Yup, forget cannot fully participate in providing for the socialist dictate, you are gone.

Elderly? Yup, think about it; how many elderly people are able to fully participate in providing for the masses?

England has already notified the masses that socialized medicine is not available to people whose life style is not conducive to better health.

Drug users? Smokers? Alcoholics? Homosexuals? Homeless? Overweights? Junk food junkies? Race car drivers? Bungee jumpers? Skydivers?

Who will make the decision as to who is eligible to utilize the social benefits?

Yeah, the gummint, and the truth is, what benefits the gummint, is what is gonna benefit socialism.

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Katherine Aucoin said...

It's going to be a tough call. But what irritates me the most are the people who have said they were not voting because there isn't anyone running that's worth voting for. While this is true, I think everyone should get out and vote...more like voting for the lesser of the evils.