Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mush mouth

I recently asked Katherine at if she had a receipe for Mississippi mud.

When I was stationed in Biloxi, MS we used to go to a restaurant named "Bernies" explicitly for the Mississippi mud. They had it, it was goooooood, and I was wonderin if it was possible to find a recipe that would taste as good.

Well, Katherine came through with a recipe from Emeril Legasse.

I cooked up a mess of it today, and I gotta tell ya...

When I was stationed in Hawaii, I learned that when something tasted really good, you simply sed, "broke da mout!"

When I was in Japan, you generally said: "Oishi cotta!"

When I was in Ecuador, we generally sed: "muy delicioso, muy bien, or muy rico!"

Ahhhhhh, but to be honest, this recipe was beyond my wildest imagination...

I will forever be in Katherine's debt, "you did me good on this one!"

What's there not to love about a goood mouth full?

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Katherine Aucoin said...

Gunny, I am so happy this recipe worked out for you. This will have to be moved up on my list. I have a recipe for another really good cake that I baked this weekend per my youngest daughter's request.