Sunday, April 20, 2008

Trigger happy

Dr. Helen at comes through with an item titled: "Are Gun Owners Really Trigger Happy?"

She posits some good ideas, and as usual, I am in agreement with her.

However, as I read the article, the thought came to my mind, exactly what does "trigger happy" mean?

The rational side of my military mind tells me this is code word, for wanting to shoot anything, anytime, anywhere, anyway.

The subjective part of my mind, tells me that a lot of that is "BS" brought out by those who are ignorant regarding guns and gun owners.

Somewhere around 1956, my brother and I were presented with a single shot .22 rifle. Dad must have spent some time training us in respecting the weapon, because we never loaded a round unless we were well away from any form of civilization.

I can remember going with my friends and plinking at ground hogs, and other varmints. We enjoyed shooting, and never once thought about shooting at another person.

In 1963, I joined the Marine Corps, and in short order was introduced to firearms. I have had the privilege of firing some of the most awesome weapons available.

And today, forty-five years later, I own three firearms. I keep one of them loaded at all times, I have a current concealed carry license, and at no time have I ever thought about shooting someone, just for grins or giggles, or any other reason than self-protection.

Of course, I also have a membership at a local gun range, where I can go and throw lead down range, at a paper target, to keep me familiar with the weapon.

When I visit my son, we often take our guns, to his local range, and throw a bunch of lead down range.

He also owns a number of guns, and has a concealed carry permit, and carries a loaded weapon.

As far as I know, he harbors no ideas of shooting someone just to be blowing off steam.

So, again, I wonder what does "trigger happy" mean?

Watch any movie on the market today, and you can observe people carrying guns, who can't wait to get someone in their sights, to pump them full of lead.

Seems to me we have been fed these kind of movies for so long, we really believe life follows along the same pattern.

Hollywood, seems to me, would have us believe that if you own a gun, and/or carry one loaded, you cannot wait to pull it out and unload it into someone.

Real life has shown me, that life is too precious to want to take it away.

I am content, to carry my loaded piece, knowing well that I will prolly never have to use it; but understanding that a day may come when someone, prolly not a "gun owner" will be trigger happy, and will entice me to reciprocate by tossing some lead at him/her.

Should that day come, I am ready; should it not come, hey, I ain't missed nothing!

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