Monday, April 21, 2008

Rave on! Gettin tireder and tireder...

What are "unintended pregnancies"?

Just heard the local news radio comment that the governor has been asked to throw some weight behind preventing "unintended pregnancies".

Is that an oxymoron? Or is this just a ploy to get state funding for another "crisis"?

Now, when I was a young Marine, we used to jokingly say, "You don't have a birth certificate, you only have an apology letter from BF Goodrich".

Is this kind of a parallel to "oral sex is not sex?"

Can we return to the absolutes?
If you intend to have sex is that not an intentional means of impregnating?

Ah, yes, unfortunately, the only fail-proof contraception known to man, is refraining from sex.

Seems to me, we are trying to use tax revenue to make sure every female between the ages of, maybe, 10 and 20 be innoculated with the vaccine that is supposed to help avert contracting cervical cancer.

So, we really have come to the point where we encourage the young people to have indiscriminate sex, any time, any where, with any one.

And if whatever birth control method is being used, fails to bring about expected results, we now want to use tax revenues to clean up any unintended consequences.

Bravo Sierra, Bovine Scatology, El Toro Poopoo!

How have we gotten to the point where we are no longer responsible for whatever happens due to our behavior?

Can you tell I am tired of the BS that is passed off as humanitarian assistance?

You don't want to get pregnant, intended or unintended, don't have sex!! Damn, is that so hard to comprehend?

Beam me up Scotty, there ain't no intellegunt life on this planet!!

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