Saturday, April 5, 2008


Just sittin here and thinkin...

George Jones has a record out about choices.

I've had choices
since the day I was born
there were voices
that taught me right from wrong.
If I'd have listened
I wouldn't be here today
living and dying
with the choices i've made.

I was tempted,
at an early age i foundthat I liked drinkin,
oh, and I never turned it down;
there were loved ones
but I turned them all away
now I'm livin and dyin
with the choices I've made.

Uh, art imitating life?

I resemble that remark.

I suppose there are a lot of us today who, in a moment of rare truth would say that we are a product of our choices.

The modern thought of the day wants us to believe that we are who the environment, and our family have made us to be, but deep down inside, each of know that we are who we are because of choices we have made.

Don't like the cold hearted truth?

Get over it, and get over yourself... life goes on, and at anytime, we can make the choice to be different, or to impact our life differently.

Don't have the guts to make the choice?

Truth is to not make a choice is to make a choice!

Now I'm livin and dyin with the choices I've made.

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