Sunday, March 30, 2008


I woke up this morning with the intense realization that I have not really addressed the title of this blog. So, I sense I need to spend a little time speaking to being tired and retired...

I AM TIRED of hearing elected officials (spelled politicians) telling us that they are Robin Hood, taking from the rich and giving to the poor. As I recall the story of Robin Hood, the cast of characters were the king, the Sherrif of Notingham, and Robin Hood. To place this in perspective, the king is the government, the sherrif is con-gress.

In the story I grew up with, the king was taking money from the people. The sherrif was the medium by which the money was extorted from the common people, to be placed in the king's coffers. Do we need a road map to see the similarity? Robin Hood stepped in to stop the sherrif from taking what rightfully belonged to the people.

We made a Declaration of Independence from the King of England, primarily because we were tired of the king taking everything and leaving us with nothing. And today, we find the king once again relegating to the sherrif the task of taking the property of the people. So, where is the modern day Robin Hood? It definitely is not the con-gress, because it is as greedy and uncaring as the Sherrif of Notingham

I AM TIRED of hearing about the inequality of wealth in this country. This is just another tact of the king and the sherrif to extort the property of the people.Where did we ever come up with the"death tax"? I am sure it was not in force when Ted Kennedy, or Mrs. John Kerry inherited the estate of their deceased relative. If we are attempting to gain equity, should not the death tax be retroactive to include all inheritances?

I AM TIRED of hearing wailing willies cry about guns killing people. In all my sixty-two years I have yet to see an inanimate object take someone's life. I can sit here in my apartment for hours on end, staring at my guns, and they don't do anything but lie there where I put them.

If you are too lazy, or ignorant to learn gun safety, and teach it to your children; then you have no grounds on which to demand that I give up any right to own a gun. And, going out on a limb here, I resent the American medical association encouraging doctors and health care officials enquiring of children whether or not there are guns in the home; it ain't none of their business!

I AM TIRED of hearing about the war on terror. There is a lot of terrorism going on within the shores of this great country, that nothing is being done about. Whether it be the whackos from code pinko, the church in Kansas, or environmentalists, it needs to S.T.O.P.

This would be a good place to insert a question: Can someone explain to me the difference between vigilantes and a citizen militia?If I observe some stupid person bombing a recruiting station, why can I not provide some protection and take the person out?

How long would it take to get the word out to these mavericks that want to destroy the life we enjoy, that their days are numbered?

I AM TIRED of hearing that we are destroying this planet. There is no proof that "man" is destroying this terrestrial globe. If what "scientists" have determined this earth has gone through within its billions of years has not destroyed her, who do we think we are, that we could even make a dent?Those who demand that we remove all mankind from parts of the earth, in order to restore her to her pristine past, should step up, and show their loyalty to their agenda by removing theirself first.

I AM TIRED of hearing about the scarcity of fossil fuels, and how we need to identify alternate means of fuel to save the planet. Well, guess what? This is just an additional layer of the environmentalists' plan to rid the earth of as many people as possible.

"How can that be?" you ask? Well, I am glad you asked.

The current mad rush for alternate fuels is utilizing small grain crops. We are talking about corn and wheat. Where do corn and wheat fit into the world scheme? That's right! They are the basic food items. And when the government buys into the panic to locate alternate fuels and takes the money from the people, in order to subsidize the growth of corn and wheat for the express purpose of making alternate fuels, we have a problem.

When a farmer can get a set amount of money from the government for his/her crop, they no longer have to be concerned about what prices the market carries. Ergo, more corn goes into the production of alternate fuel, and less is available to the world at large. With less being available, and government providing subsidies, the price of any remaining corn, soon skyrockets. The end result being, less people can afford the food they need, because it isn't available or is out of their price range.

I AM TIRED of ranting about being tired; so for now, I will leave it at this point.

What has happened to the mindset of this country? Is it the country at large, or only a small, yet vocal, portion that are dictating how government should lead us, and in what direction this country should go?

Many of our ancestors left europe to go to the New World, braving unbelievable dangers, to escape from over-intrusive government.

They fought a bloody war against the king of England to escape from over-intrusive government.

They formed a compact for the New World that would prevent over-intrusive government.

And today, with our nuanced politicians, we have come full-circle to where we are once again finding ourself under over-intrusive government.

Don't panic if you feel the ground moving, its really not an earthquake, it is our ancestors, turning over in their graves as they see what has happened to the country they swore a sacred oath for.

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