Sunday, March 20, 2011

Whatever will be, will be

I believe it was William Bendix, back in the old “Life of Riley” TV series, that used to lament: “What a revoltin’ development this turned out to be”. Yeah, I can relate; or as we used to say, “I second that emotion”.

So, are you aware that ignorance is bliss? Look how blissfully we have existed this past couple of decades with “Public Servants”. I have applied for employment at the county building a number of times, and was aware that starting wage was like thirteen dollars an hour. Truth be known, I thought that might be a good job to get into. The blissful ignorance comes in to play when I learn that “Public Servants” are paid from our taxes. Hmmmmmm!!!! See?

And so, I hear the Mayor, and the Governor talking about how we need to cut spending for schools, police, and fire fighters, or increase taxes, and I think about how that sounds right. No more!

Unless I am mistaken...who garnishes the most disparaging remarks from the average citizen these days? Ain’t it the DMV? Ever try to ask a question of one of the “Public Servants” working there, especially if your number ain’t come up yet? Yeah!! You got it. So, she is making fourteen dollars an hour to tell me to wait my turn; and I am helping to pay her wages. Ah, yes, have you been to the local county office, lately, say to renew your vehicle license plates? Uhmmmm! How long did you wait in line? Right, and the person you spoke to definitely demonstrated excellent people skills, right? Hey, you catch on pretty quick...Yes! They are also “Public Servants” probably making thirteen or more dollars an hour to see how much you can be inconvenienced.

Now, honey baby, that ain’t right!

Because, that is exactly what is going on in other states today, as we hear about Public Service Unions demanding collective bargaining rights. You see, they want to talk with our “elected” officials about how much money they should be getting for the long, and tedious hours they must work...when we the people are actually their employers. If they want collective bargaining, they need to be talking with us. Not the Mayor, or the Governor. Can you imagine what would happen if we the people were bargained with for their pay, and benefits? After spending two hours to renew your vehicle or your driver’s license, and putting up with the excellent people skills of the “Public Servants” how excited are you gonna be to vote to increase their wages? That’s what I thought.

Now, when it comes time to vote, because we have a right to be in on this process, since we are the ones paying gonna vote to raise taxes to increase their wages and benefits, while reducing what the police, and fire fighters get paid? You know, I haven’t even gone into the pay and benefits that go to the legislators, and Mayor, and Governor. Some where, some how, the gravy train has got to stop. Ignorance is rapidly becoming depressing rather blissful. What do you think?

Yeah, What a revolting development this has turned out to be!

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