Saturday, February 19, 2011

Well, this morning began with a promise...Then I looked at the latest news, and realized that reality just doesn't like homeostasis.

States on the brink of bankruptcy, and yet, law-making critters refuse to do what needs to be done in order to correct the deficiencies. South Dakota isn't on that list, but we see the results of political leeches doing what they can to perpetuate their idiocy. The recent snow found us with many roads not plowed curb to curb, and as the snow melts, streets and sidewalks are flooded turning to ice as temp drops. Talk is of reducing budget monies to police, teachers, and firemen...but as of yet, nothing about reducing social programs like "sculpture walk" or welfare, or you name it.

And just listen to the law-making critters scream when talk is of reducing their stipend...there is just something not very moral about elected "public" officials making more money than the average citizen they are elected to take care of. This is true at all levels of gummint. We really have left all semblance of reality when it comes to governing.

Methinks it takes a pretty poor specimen of humanity to want to tear apart the country they live in. Kind of reminds me of dog kennels...everyone knows that when you inbreed dogs to some degree, they lose all sense of taking care of themselves...even to lying and sleeping in their bodily waste. Yeah, does kinda sound like some of them "con-gress critters".

May God Almighty have mercy on our souls for destroying a blessed life.

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