Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Passing comments

Another July 4th has passed, I am told that I have seen 64 of them; tho I really don’t remember that many.

A trivia question that seems to trip people up asks, if Great Britain has a fourth of July. Of course, since the fourth of July is so impressed upon our psyche, and our memory as an historic day for our country, we ignorantly answer “no”: and we get the question wrong.

The fourth of July just happens to be the day “we the people” celebrate the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain and her despotic king. Of course Great Britain would not be celebrating too, they lost some good support.

How ironic, “we the people” declared our independence from Great Britain, and a king who taxed us oppressively; and some two hundred n thirty years later, we are driving “hell bent for leather” back into dependence on a gummint that has no consideration for “we the people”.

I am told, that ostriches, when confronted with something they can’t comprehend, quickly shove their heads into the dirt, to hide...I am afraid that too many of our “countrymen” have shoved their heads into their rectums, to hide from things they don’t understand.

How, in the name of everything sacred, could our national outcry go from “GIVE ME LIBERTY, OR GIVE ME DEATH”, to “Give me social security, and take away my wealth?” SHEEESH!!

C’mon, Scotty, beam me up, there ain’t no intellugent life on this planet.

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