Sunday, July 11, 2010

Methinks, it stinks

We are witnessing an unprecedented grab of power by the union backed democrat government. When will it all end?

Recently, it was discovered that corporations were holding billions of dollars in cash, and not investing. HHHHMMMMMMM! Do that make anyone stop and think? Well it did me!

As new regulations go into effect, and more taxes are levied, in this country, the people with the money, are less and less interested in losing what they have. I find it truly interesting, that the unions are so hell bent for leather on taking control of all work in this country.

What do unions do? They argue for more and more money from the businesses they get involved with. Seems to my military mind, that when unions have taken over all jobs in this country, there ain't gonna be no money for work to be done, bcuz those with the gold make the rules, and when they aren't able to have their money working for them, they pull their money out.

What then happens to this country, when there is no money for the workers to earn?

Think about it...we are already witnessing the exodus of wealthy people out of the really strong liberal/union run states. We have even seen the moving of businesses from the continental United States to places that for the time being provide a shelter for the businesses and their stock holders money. An old fairy tale, talks about the golden goose that lays the golden eggs, but when you kill the goose, yep, u guessed it, there ain't no more golden eggs.

When are we, "we the people" going to wake up, and see the power slide we are on that is destroying this country? As my momma used to say, you never truly miss something until it is gone.

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