Monday, September 14, 2009

Thanks Pamela at Atlas Shrugs

Okay, here comes the "change" our astute leader has been promising, and hoping for. I, for one, cannot believe we, the American people, have not learned our lesson voting for democrats and republicans in name only.

My brain housing group, and heart are severely taxed, knowing there are so many "scrambled, brains" in this country that are so hell bent on giving up everything we stand for, and everything our forbears brought about in this country. "WHISKEY FOXTROT TANGO OSCAR!!"

So Osama bin Laden thinks B Hussein Obama is a you think he had to hire a behavioral analyst to come up with that assessment?

Methinks, someone in this administration has a severe case of "cranial-rectal insertion". It is one thing to bury your head in the is quite another to bury your country!

May God have mercy on our souls

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