Thursday, July 30, 2009

Paranoid schizophrenia

The final vote on the Thune bill to allow persons with concealed carry permits to carry across state lines, definitely shows us the schizophrenic mind set permeating the current plethora of con-gress critters.

To say that honest, law abiding citizens {persons who take the time and effort to apply for and receive an honest, gummint founded personal firearm carry permit} crossing state lines, for whatever purpose will cause violent crime to increase, is, in my military mind really stretching any credible intelligent understanding of reality.

I’m sorry, I must have had a lapse in brain activity…apparently I forgot that the left-leaning, statist, cranial-rectal insertion types see personal responsibility as illegal or sinful. Oh, yeah, almost forgot…how else could the gummint declare so many of us honest, law abiding citizens as domestic terrorists?

Sometimes, I wonder if there has been too much inbreeding in the democrat held constituencies. One thing I learned in the Marine Corps, is to never shit in your mess kit, or your sleeping bag.

Where have all the flowers gone, long time passing, where have all the flowers gone, long time ago, gone to graveyards everywhere; when we will ever learn?

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