Thursday, June 25, 2009

Still above ground

Well, I see I ain’t said nuthin for over a week…Let’s see, what has been happenen.

Last Thursday, I went down to KC area to spend a coupla days with my children. I do love them both, and the grand-daughter is soooo precious. I didn’t take any pictures this time around, but had a wonderful time with the kids.

On Friday, son directed me to a gunsmith in the area, to see about replacing rear sight on my S&W 686. Finally found the gunsmith, and he indicated, that he normally would not have the rear sight in stock, but that another man had come in some time back and ordered one, and never came to pick it up. So, within a half an hour, I had a new rear sight and was off to see my daughter. I think I may have touched on this before, but I dearly love my 686...with the 4” barrel and seven round .357 magnum cylinder. I had previously had a S&W .40, but the local dealer gave me a great deal on the 686 with the .40 trade in.

On Friday evening, son and family came over to daughter’s house, and we had a great roast dinner {daughter’s first time cooking a roast in crock pot}. Found out daughter’s old boy friend has been threatening her, even to the point of having him arrested and filing a restraining order. I left my Glock 32 with her with two mags of seven hollow point rounds. Yes, I have a .357 Sig Glock, and think it is one of the great wonders of the world, especially since I found magazine extenders and can tote 1 in the oven, and 14 in the mag.

On Saturday, son and I did some running around, til about noon, when daughter joined us and we went out to a gun range. Pretty neat idea, there in Missouri. The range is owned by the state game and fish, and they charge $3 an hour to shoot. You can’t beat that even with a stick. So, finally got to put a few rounds through my new Marlin 30-30, I think that one is gonna grow on me.

Son, spent a considerable time with daughter on the firing line, shooting the different handguns we had between us, trying to get a feel for which one fit her best. She finally decided that son’s .45 ACP seemed to agree with her more, than the 9mm or .357 Sig. Did I say it rained? So funny standing on the firing line with a roof overhead, and shooting in the rain. The target area did not have any roofing, so, the targets got kinda wet in the process. Anyway, daughter had to go to work, so, we called it a day, and headed back.

I have to admit that it is pretty awesome seeing that your children are grown and doing well on their own.

Well, I mentioned that it rained while we were at the range, what I didn’t mention is that the temps were in the high 90s and humiditty was prolly just as high. When I left Sioux Falls, temp was up pretty high with high humiditty, also. To be honest, when I got to KC I thought I was back on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi cuz the heat and humiditty were so high. Well, I drove back on Saturday night, cuz, son and family were going to wife’s family for Father’s day on Sunday, and daughter was back on work schedule.

Can you believe it? Got back to Sioux Falls bout 10:30pm, and the humiditty was so high, that it took me a good hour to cool down and get the sweat to stop. And since then each day has been high heat and humiditty…guess I have gotten too fat, just can’t take that high humiditty any more, so, pretty much been holed up in the apt with the blinds closed to stay cool.

And so, now you know why I ain’t writ much this past week.

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