Tuesday, June 16, 2009


My military mind just formulated where the “crisis” is in health care in this country.

There is a large majority of people made up primarily of “illegal aliens” and “welfare recipients”. Sadly, these people are the ones who primarily vote for liberal candidates with liberal policies, especially those that take money from the earners and give to the non-earners. You know what, my sister, her two daughters, and their three or four children are all welfare recipients. It is much easier to let the gummint give you the things you want, rather than have to go to work to get them.

So, back to the health crisis. All across the nation, states have been clamoring for our borders to be closed, and illegal aliens to be sent back home, because they are draining our economy. They generally have little money for medical care, and the medical care they generally go for is the emergency room. Anybody in their right mind realizes that emergency room care is the most expensive care, and is available to everybody, whether or not you have insurance. The writing is already on the wall that states are trying to get out from under having to provide emergency care for illegal aliens, and indigents. Add to this, that the majority of indigents are covered under Medicaid, and make ridiculous trips to the ER for routine care.

That is the health care crisis that we have encumbered ourselves with. It takes a liberal gummint to decide that the way to deal with the problem is to take away money from the earners, especially those who very seldom use the ER and make it available to the ones who habitually misuse the ER.

I can see Rush’s explanation as being a part of the situation, and recognize it is incumbent with the current administration. As Rush said, by B Hussein taking over health care, the unions would be able to drop their responsibility to cover their employees with health care insurance. Is there any doubt in anyone’s mind, today, that the Obama administration is in the tank, uhmmm, the pocket of the union’s?

In rethinking, if you add the two ideas together, then you do get a panorama of a mega health care crisis. A crisis that only the B Hussein administration is qualified to handle.

Funny, I often wonder how so many of us got to be the age we are, when as children, there was no health care insurance…doctors made house calls. I remember when I broke both wrists, there was no hospital near by, we went to the doctor’s office, waited maybe fifteen minutes and were taken care of by the local doctor.

What has happened to this country? How is it that we are now so intent upon going crazy over anything that is out of the ordinary? Scotty beam me up, there ain’t no intellejunt life on this planet

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