Sunday, March 8, 2009

We gots snow agin



Would you believe that last week we had temps from 30 to the 50s? Just about all the snow had been melted, and the lawns were showing forth, perhaps a little brown in places, but still you knew it was the lawn.

Woke up this morning to find funny white things fallen from the sky, and the grass completely covered with this white stuff. Yeah, I know it is March.

It was 1996 when we had an ice storm in October, and the ice never left the ground until May. With lotsa snow in between. Spose, should not be concerned since this is South Dakota.
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Katherine Aucoin said...

Hope you thaw out soon!

Re: Onions

If a recipe calls for an onion, it means a regular yellow onion. A recipe will call out for a red or white specifically. You can always use which ever kind you want, the difference in taste depends on your palette. = )