Saturday, March 14, 2009

BS is initials for...?

Ok, the Gannett mouthpiece for Sioux Falls came through with an online poll this morning that caught my attention.

"Should farmers be taxed if livestock emit greenhouse gasses?"

yes = 15.3%
no = 84.7%

at 9:39 CST

What a crock of bovine scatology!

I thought the constitution prohibited gummint from setting up or being involved in a religion.

Environmentalism is a religion. It is even beyond debate at this time.

The envriomentalist whakkos want to destroy capitalism, and the truth be known, get rid of all human life on the planet; except maybe for the "elect".

Isn't it bad enough that farmers are already unfairly taxed on their land?

Perhaps what we need to do, rather than adding more taxes on the farmers, let's end the subsidies that make up the CRP. Ain't there enough wealthy people who own land? Why do we have to keep giving them taxpayer money to not farm their land?

Is there a message in that program, that says we no longer want the land here farmed?

There is no doubt in my tired military mind, that there is a movement underfoot to erase what this country has been and is capable of being.

It is truly time for another "Boston tea party"; perhaps what we need today is a little bit different.

Rather than dumping tea in the harbor, maybe we should be mailing cow chips to every elected official at every level of gummint.

Environmentalism is a religion, and the surest way to gather converts is by use of martyrs.

Religion is always fueled by the blood of the martyrs.

Perhaps, to get environmentalism to really take hold, the proponents should just go ahead and lay down their lives for what they love. Any takers?

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