Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Who ya gonna call?

This morning's local newspaper, online, has a poll question asking;
"Should the Obama administration let states set their own auto fuel-efficiency standards?"

There is an inherent error in the question. Our constitution set up that the federal gummint works for the states...and in the past century we have been carefully weaned away from the states passing laws, to kowtowing to the feds.

Ah, the comfort of a central gummint...how can we go wrong?

I find it amazing how well this country got along while the states made the laws, and the federal gummint did what it was sposed to do...protect us from harm both foreign and domestic. But here we are, in postmodern history, and the foxes are tending the hen house; the inmates are running the assylum.

And so we find useless polls asking useless questions based on faulty premises; that are designed to further empower the federal gummint, and undermine the states. Yahsure!

Yassir ubetcha!

What was that old saying I seem to remember from days gone by?

These are the days that try men's souls.

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