Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hope vs wishful thinking

Mostly Cajun has posted a note that resonates with loud alacrity in my military mind.

For the first time in the history of this great country, we have a president who was elected on a premise/promise of hope and change.

Hope can be defined as wishful thinking, and I kinda wonder if that is not what actually got him elected...wishful thinking: I wish I could have a lot of money, and not have to work so hard for it. Ahhhh, someone is going to take money away from the rich, who don't do anything to be rich, and give it to me, so I don't have to do anything to be rich.


Should anyone of us, take a peek outside of our little shell, we might see that Marxist/Lenninst ideals and ideas have been a horrible failure all down through history.

Sure, those who truly believe the socialist/communist way of life is better, have had a lot of sway in rewriting history to make it look like the great experiment manifested in this great country is a lie, and could only happen because gummint allowed the filthy rich to get richer, and the poor to get poorer. That is one huge crock a BOVINE SCATOLOGY!

The sad news, truth if you will, is that there are people in this country who would rather be poor, and have someone else look after them, than to do something to change their status.

I remember well, when it was taboo for a young woman to become pregnant without the benefit of marriage. I remember well, how society would castigate her, and she would generally find herself alone.

I remember too, how gummint decided that she should not have to bear the load alone, and instituted a welfare payment scheme to provide her with money to take care of herself and her child, until she could marry or find gainful employment: but it was supposed to only cover one child. Then in time gummint decided that it wasn't fair, to restrict financial support to the woman for only one child, and a decision was made to cover any and all children she may find she had to support.

Well, hello to modern day lifestyles of the lazy and worthless. My own sister, who has spent the majority of her life living off welfare and my mother, has now spawned daughters who imitate the lifestyle. Her daughter has two children, by the same father, who wants nothing to do with supporting the children or her. So, she and her children live in mom's house, draw welfare and WIC, and utilize medicaid or whatever the name of the medical coverage welfare uses.

And the clarion call to hope resonates with them as they wishfully think that all that money someone else has will one day be their's.

Sadly, from each according to his ability to each according to his need, devestatingly destroys any incentive to better oneself.

Lest it be thought I am on a one idea tirade, let me shift focus a bit and speak to the security of our country.

As I have previously accoounted, I spent 29 years in our country's naval service. Sure I am still alive, but truth be known, I was willing to allow myself to be placed in harm's way, to protect this country and the way of life, we have been able to eke out.

For a number of years, my motto was "God, country and Corps". Think about it, nowhere in the motto was the word "I". And there are millions of Americans who have shared that philosophy, who have given their all, or who still hope/wish for the great country they have striven to protect.

Peace is not something to visualize...sure you can dream and hope for peace, but true peace only comes about through dilligence and standing firm for what you believe. You can look anywhere you would like, and you will always find that peace only comes from an enemy being defeated. Of course there is the peace we can find laying in an opium den, puffing on a hookah, and generally letting it all hang out. But what kind of peace is that? Yeah, I know, "Go ask Alice, I think she'll know."

Another real peace I know about, is when my life ceases to exist, then there is no pain, no worry, no care, no threats. No amount of wishful thinking can bring about this type of peace.

Now, I come to the peace that passes all understanding. The peace that contains a real hope, that is more than wishful thinking.

There is a God, One God who created and sustains this ole world. We could no more destroy this world than we could create life out of thin air, we cannot even create dirt out of nothing.

He is a God of love, no He is Love embodied and personified. He has promised that there will be a day when He will wipe away every tear that comes to our eyes. He has even stated that He keeps every tear in a bottle.

He is also a God of peace. The greatest lack of peace we inhabit is the breach within ourself and with God Almighty.

Notice, I never said that He has promised us a lot of virgins to wed in the afterlife. He has promised us, peace in this life and peace in the afterlife.

I broached the idea of "God, country and Corps" not embracing an "I", and for me that is pretty much the bottom line...I mentioned that peace can only come at the cost of the life of the enemy. The enemy of my peace in this life is me. I want, and want, and want, but I never get, so I think of ways to get what I want, and the struggle goes on.

God offers me the opportunity to do away with what I want, and get what I need. Confession and repentence are the toughest things we will ever do in this life. And therein lies the definitive definition.

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