Sunday, January 18, 2009

Interesting thought

A very wealthy man went up to Heaven and St. Peter was showing him around the place. The wealthy man was surprised to find that his servants all had mansions to live in, similar to the kind he had on earth.

In great hopes, he asked St. Peter to show him his mansion in the skies.

Pointing over to the slum section of the place, St. Peter showed him a tumble-down poor, unpainted shack with the shingles coming off, and the broken windows stuffed with newspapers.

"What," cried the gentleman in surprise, "you mean to say that is my home in Heaven, and, my servants live in such splendid palaces?"

"Right," answered St. Peter.

"You see, the homes in Heaven are built only from the materials you send up here while you are on earth. That's all you sent."

Three Famous Tony's Scrap Books in One Volume, Tony Wons, The Reilly & Lewe Co, Chicago, IL, 1932, pg 82

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