Friday, October 31, 2008

Rantin n ravin, cuz i kin

As much as I have disdained and detested the goings on of this presidential election cycle, I want to go on record here with a coupla thots.

We have been treated in the past to the idea that the dems are interested in passing a law that will assist the unions in getting into workspaces.

I am retired military, and I drive a skool buss, on a part time basis. There are a number of people who also drive and there are a number who provide services as aides.

Again, all of these positions are part time. And, because they are part time, there is no consideration for benefits; although there appears to be a connection with a well known insurance company to provide medical insurance to the employees.

I would never have considered it, but I can see, where there could be people in this status who would like to see the drivers unionized.

I can see, the need for these part timers to have a little more stability in their job. Funny, should they unionize, there would be very little that could be done to keep them from demanding additional benefits, and maybe even being considered for full time work, rather than part time.

It is my understanding that the dems are waiting for B Hussein Obama to get into office, and to gain veto proof control of both houses of con-gress so they can pass the legislation giving the unions this access.

Add to this, the dems insistent desire to reenact the "fairness doctrine".

It still escapes me, how the elitest dems can complain about fairness, when we have seen in the past twelve years how the major TV and newspaper outlets are totally in the tank for the dem side of the canal. Add to this the NPR and PBS stations that receive taxpayer funding, that have no qualms about supporting and going overboard for the dem and liberal point of view. Where is fairness in this instance???

Of course, fairness demands that O.N.L.Y. the liberal, dem point of view be proferred. Any other point of view is considered to be heresy, and punishable by death.

I have written before regarding taxation, and still believe that the dem/liberal position would be different if we were to make the death tax, and the income tax retroactive to the conception of this great country.

How would Teddy Kennedy, and John Scarry like to find the money they ben sitten on is being confiscated to meet the law? Of course they would scream to highest heaven.

A long time ago, someone advised me of an analogy: Any surgery that is being done on someone else is considered to be minor surgery; but any surgery being done on yourself is automatically major surgery.

I have an idea.

For every person in this country that thinks/feels like Europeans live a better life, and have better benefits, I suggest we give them a one way ticket to Europe, and revoke their US citizenship.

For every citizen, who refuses to work, I suggest we give them a one way ticket to a socialist country, and revoke their US citizenship.

For every naturalized citizen, I propose that we ensure they adhere to the part of the oath that says they relinquish all obedience and allegiance to their former country and leadership. If they are not willing, then we ship them back to their former country, and revoke their US citizenship.

Does this sound harsh?

I love this country, and my 29 years in the Naval Service of our Armed Forces gives me a pretty good handle on what is really good about this country.

For those who do not like the fact that this country was founded under God, and was established for religious freedom, and the freedom to own property, then they should go and find a country that provides them with their hearts desire, and quit screwing with this country.

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