Saturday, October 4, 2008

No mas! no mas!

Ah, surprise, surprise, S.U.R.P.R.I.S.E.!

When we look at the results of the voting on the "bailout" package, is it not interesting to find that the two democrat senators from South Dakota both voted against the bill; yet the lone republicrat voted for it?

Actually, it did not come as a surprise.

You see, both of them are up for reelection this year.

Add to that, the fact that con-gress critter Johnson is recovering from a major stroke, or a brain aneurysm, that could be bringing his perceived worth to the state down a little.

I had to laugh at his current radio ad..."There are show horses and there are work horses. Senator Tim Johnson is a work horse."

He is, and always has been a bleeding spend and tax liberal. Whatever legislation he has been involved in getting passed has been to enhance his resume to keep him in the throne room of washington dc.

I was also amazed to read in the latest VFW magazine that the VFW supports Tim Johnson and Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin for con-gress.

Well, it has taken me some time to get to know the VFW; I have been a life member since 1974.
I find the VFW is not much different than AARP (the old teachers union); both are interested in con-gress spending more and more money.

They are also interested in con-gress passing laws that give gummint more control over the citizenry.

But, back to the vote on the bailout...con-gress critter John Thune voted for the bailout, cuz, he is a representative of the class of liberal leaning conservatives that have come to power.

He is bought, and owned, by the ethanol crowd, and the corn farmers.

He has learned his lesson well, in his short time in DC. He went there to make a difference, and he is now different.

It is indeed a sad state of affairs, when elected "public officials" are more concerned in how much money they can squeeze out of the average citizen, so they can fill their own pockets.

How many con-gress critters have gone to DC, with not a lot of assets, or wealth, and are now millionaires, or multi-millionaires?

Where do they get all that wealth?

Yeah, from us, the genteel, public who want nothing more than to attain the American dream, raise a family, be the best they can be, and be left alone.

What a difference it would make, if every con-gress critter had to give up their ludicrous salary, their mega worth retirement fund, and their exalted position in society.

Why in the name of sanity, are we paying these megalomaniacs six figure salaries anyway?

They only write more, and more laws, many of which are already on the books. When has one con-gress critter done anything to remove any laws?

Uh, speaking of laws, they also have a propensity for writing laws, that impinge on older laws, in order to make sure they will get more votes by helping certain sections of society.

Guess why con-gress critters want a law that says felons who have paid for their crime should be allowed to vote?

Guess why con-gress critters want illegal alien amnesty, and legal rights for terrorists and criminals that are in this country illegally?

Then they look for ways to transfer wealth from those who work, to those who will not work: because, that gets them votes, which helps them stay in office.

As one of the comic critters used to say, "We have met the enemy, and he is us!"

Yeah, we feel good knowing our con-gress critter is bringing more money back to South Dakota than is paid in taxes. Yeah, we are really getting over on somebody.

B Hussein O has promised us change in our gummint, and our country if he is elected president. What kind of change does he have in mind?

Seems to me, he wants higher taxes, more money paid to the UN, no more limited immigration, no more only English spoken, no more desire for immigrants to adapt to us, no more individual property ownership.

He is a Marxist socialist clear through to his bone marrow. He wants this country to be totally run by the gummint. And sadly, too many of us agree with him, and think it would be a great idea if there was no longer any personal, private, property.

Too bad, that so many of us who want that kind of country, have never been to a country that is run that way.

When you see the poverty of the people who depend on the gummint, and you see the wealth of the "elite" in the sacred halls of gummint; you quickly get an abhorrence of that life.

Well, I guess this has been a lengthy diatribe...not sure where it all came from, other than I am really tired, yes, even retired about the way this country seems to be headed.

When are we gonna jerk our heads out of the sand, and read the writing on the wall?

When it is too late; it is too late...

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