Saturday, August 9, 2008

Random cogitation

On Friday, Rush was asking how five repubs could undermine the efforts of clearing our own drilling for crude.

He remembered to "follow the money" but he didn't go fur enuff...

I cannot speak for the other senators, but as for Thune, I am pretty sure I can say he is bought and owned by the ethanol/corn farmers lobby. If, and when, we start drilling our own oil, there won't be much call for using corn liquor to run our vehicles.

I was one of the SDakotans who pushed to get rid of Daschle, and get Thune into the, I am wondering what happened.

When Thune was running for office, he purported to be a conservative; and now that he is in the seat of power, he is acting just like a liberal...his pet projects are farm subsidies and ethanol.

Not to mention, how he was bragging about getting the tax rebate passed...that ain't conservative; that's bout as liberal as any of them can be.

We attribute the word "honorable" to members of con-gress, which I believe is a draw back to the days of England and the far as I am concerned, there has not been much proof coming out of the con-gress to show that they deserve the word "honorable".

That's about all I'm gonna say about that!

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