Sunday, August 3, 2008

Rachel peeves

Rachel has been dealing with her peeves this past week.

She doesn't have any pet peeves, because her pets are, she has been going over a few of her peeves.

Peeve week, day 4, finds her speaking to restaurants. I echo her sentiments exactly, completely, indubitably.

However, I have to go a little further and say, my biggest peeve in restaurants is when the wait staff or the manager comes by your table, especially when they can see you have just stuffed your face with their food, and asks how the food is tasting...

It is unbelievable how uptight they get when you try to tell them with your mouth full of food; yeah, just like when the kids show you see food.

I generally go to a restaurant because I like their food or ambiance. If there is something wrong with my food, I will sure let them know...however, as long as my food is good, and cooked the way I like it, I am content to sit and hedonistically enjoy masticating my fare.

I have no problem tipping and generally will let the manager and the wait staff know at the completion of the meal how much I liked it.

So, that's all I'm gonna say about that...

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