Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Waste of money

Yesterday I picked up a copy of No Country for Old Men. I had heard, from different quarters that it was supposed to be a good movie.

Seems it was a good depiction of the existential emptiness that life has become in the past forty or fifty years.

In all honesty, I could find no socially redemptive qualities in the entire movie. In fact, by the time the credits began rolling, at the end of the movie, I wondered where the punch line might be.

A tired old sheriff, who has to make up stories to get people to tell him what he wants to know; and then when asked about the stories says, "It was a story".

A man who mercilessly kills anyone who comes across his path, and gives the impression it is more of a game for him.

Sorry, when the end of the movie has the sheriff in retirement talking about his dreams. And the evil nemesis killing an innocent woman, then being involved in a motor vehicle accident, and getting up and walking away, leaves me with that existential emptiness that cries, ain't there no justice in this world?

So, we have reached the point where hollyweird no longer provides us good guys who wear white hats, as strong purveyors of justice. But instead reflects the mindset that the good guys are impotent, and self reflectant, while the bad guys get what they want and get away with it.

Well, I guess in all honesty, isn't that what we have been hearing from the federal courts and the supreme court?

May God have mercy on our souls.

Sorry, Scotty, it may be too late to beam me up!

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