Friday, July 11, 2008

Gannett News aka Argus Leader

Today's poll on the Sioux Falls newspaper is: "Should black-tailed prairie dogs be designated as an endangered species?"

At 7:25 am the result of 84 votes cast is; 39.3% yes, and 60.7% no.

What a "no-brainer"!

First of all, why is there a list of endangered species? For most of my sixty years of life, I have heard people speak of "survival of the fittest". If that is a viable theory, then why are we designating anything as endangered?

Secondly, who died and made us god? Where do we get off deciding that a darter snail, or a prairie dog are more important in the scheme of things than human beings? You say, in the Bible God created trees, and animals BEFORE He created man, therefore man must be the lesser entity. Well, DUH!!

We do need to recognize that there is a movement in this world, of people who have too much time on their hands, and probably too much money, who think that man has ruined the earth. I find it hard to understand that someone would want to get rid of humans, simply because they think we are destroying this planet, which we had no part in creating.

To my military mind, if these environ-mental wackos who want to rid the earth of man, were really dedicated to their philosophy, they would demonstrate their zeal by taking the lead, and taking their own self out of this world.

How many times have I heard it said, that you preach a stronger sermon by your actions than by your words?

If Darwin's theory on life is true, and it is true that the fittest survive; then shouldn't we allow "E. V. O. L. U. T. I. O. N" to continue to evolve the species; rather than trying to circumvent the natural process?

I am so tired of the petty crap that passes as concern, but is really exhibiting "holier-than-thou" platitudinous hog wash.

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