Saturday, July 5, 2008

Shameless, again; part two

Now, it looks like the environmental whackos are beginning to receive their rewards...

Two major forest fires are threatening thousands of homes in California.

Seems, that last major cleansing of dead growth was a major fire in 1955; to my military mind that would be 53 years of tree growth with no, spelled N.O., cleaning out of dead trees.

What feeds fire better than dead trees?

How sweet it is that the majority of these environmental whackos prolly live right there in the immediate area of the fires.

What possibility might there be, that the homes being threatened belong to the tree huggers?

Bottom line... Sad, S.A.D.!

As the old commercial said; "Its not nice to fool Mother Nature!"

So, in spite of all that is said and done, the law of diminishing returns strikes again.

Did someone say sometime, that the people who refuse to learn from history are destined to relive it: or something like that?

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