Friday, July 4, 2008

Do you remember:

Penny postcards?

Three cent postage on letters?

Real ice boxes?

The ice man with his horse drawn wagon?

Cars in only black, white or green?

Friday nite fights on radio, before tv was available to the general public?

Saturday movies with "Victory at Sea"?

Party lines on the telephone?

Well, perhaps, I have lived quite a while.

When I realize that as a child I could send a letter to grandma for three cents, and today it costs forty-two cents; I realize that it is impossible to stand still...

As a child I remember listening to the number of rings on the phone, to make sure I didn't answer someone else's phone...and today, I have a cell phone that goes wherever I go...

I remember having an allowance of fifty cents, on Saturday morning, and going to the theater. That fifty cents would admit me to the theater and buy a bag of popcorn and a bottle of coke.

Then the fun began. We watched the latest news, Victory at Sea, perhaps a half hour or so of cartoons, followed by a couple of movies, or some kind of live program from the stage.

Today, as a senior, I pay five dollars to get into the theater, popcorn costs five dollars and a soda runs at least two dollars.

What do I get for this price? One movie... no cartoons, no latest news, no victory at sea... bah, this is progress?

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