Monday, June 16, 2008

Treading where angels fear to go

How did we get to the point of determining that lethal injection used in the death penalty can be cruel and unusual punishment?

Or that one of the chemicals used in lethal injection may/could cause pain?

How did we decide the death penalty is cruel and unusual punishment?

Ummmm, you murder someone, you die! No brainer!

Remembering the guillotine, death came pretty fast... I understand everything was set up so your head stopped with your eyes looking back at your severed neck, with the last sight impressed on your brain was the fact that your head and ass were no longer connected.

Perhaps, a big shock.

Why should we be concerned whether or not a criminal living out his/her execution should feel any pain?

If they have committed a crime that merits the death penalty, why should it matter if they feel pain or not?

It seems to me, that society, at large, benefits when they see a person executed by the death penalty, really feeling the pain.

In the past hanging and crucifixion were great tools for administering the death penalty, because society was able to watch the criminal pay for their crime.

It was understood by every citizen, that you do the crime you are gonna pay.
So, why do we coddle criminals today?

Is it because we love the crime around us?

It is apparent to my military mind that we do not see crime as a problem, in fact we embrace it, perhaps as the price we have to pay to live in this world.

I wonder what would be the outcome if every lawyer that fought to free a criminal had to serve out the sentence with the criminal.

Would they fight harder, or would it become harder to find a lawyer to take your case?

So, just because we are being herded to believe there is no right and wrong, what happens when everyone in society embraces no absolutes?

Did somebody say anarchy?

Imagine what this world is gonna be like when nobody believes in right or wrong.



I can't imagine it...

I don't want to imagine it...

But why do we continue to allow "lawmakers" to push/lead us into that kind of society?

Yeah, I am definitely tired...

Scotty, I am still waiting to be beamed up...

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