Sunday, May 4, 2008

Too soon old...

Today, my youngest child graduates from college.

I don't fear for her, because she has lived outside of the continental United States.

She is aware of living conditions in countries with lesser GDPs.

She has known the Indians living in the city dump. She has been with the children growing up in squalor.

She has lived where the government controls almost all of life.

She has lived the fear of getting from one place to another while tires are burning in the middle of the street, because the government control of wages will not give raises to the workers.

She was, for the most part, a "military brat".

She has grown to be an awesome prayers will be with her as she makes this next life transition.

Some time back she gave me a Father's Day card that had a metal button attached, I will be wearing it, today, at her graduation.

It says, simply, "I am the FATHER of a Truly AMAZING DAUGHTER!"

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