Thursday, May 8, 2008

Ignorance? Stupidity?

The news today is alive with the consideration that oil will hit $200 a barrel.

Around the country we hear people screaming about the cost of gasoline..

In South Dakota we have a company wanting to build a refinery, and there is a lot of hysteria about how damaging the refinery will be to the economy.

We have pundits screaming for us to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

Yet, we sit on millions of gallons of oil, and because of hysterical envrionmentalists, we cannot drill our own oil.

I hear people screaming about the cost of natural gas; natural gas is a by-product of oil drilling.

Are the people of the United States really stupid, or have we been dumbed down so far, that we are ignorant of what we are doing to ourselves?

People are screaming about the increase in the cost of meat and bread, and eggs.

So, how many of these people who are screaming about the increased cost of commodities actually voted for the use of corn to make ethanol?

What a waste...

I have heard insanity defined as doing the same thing over and over again, expecting it to work.

That sounds like a definition of stupidity to me.


How about this garbage of receiving a tax rebate from the gummint?

So, we are being given a maximum of $600 for a one-time rebate on the taxes we have paid.

To my military mind that works out to be about $50 a month; for one year.

I won't even intimate that I understand what it costs to produce these checks.

How much difference would it make to reduce our taxes, PERIOD?

When I look back on this country, over fifty years ago, I realize that there was not so much taxation; and people were doing pretty well, in accessing the American dream.

The Declaration of Independence is pretty definitive regarding the need for us to get out from under a despot, who continuously increased taxes.

We fought a bloody war to get ourselves out from under onerous taxation, without representation.

And here we are two hundred some years later, and our gummint is replicating the gummint that was taxing, and taxing without representation.

Perhaps, I am beginning to understand why the gummint skools are no longer teaching our country's history, or the Declaration of Independence.

Too many people, today. are content to see taxes increase, and never question; were we to be aware of the history of this great country, we would know that we are heading back into the slavery we fought to get out from under.

Yeah, Rush is correct in saying the most expensive commodity we have in this country is ignorance.

Did I mention I am really tired?

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