Wednesday, August 27, 2014


So, I am sitting here, cogitating, as I am oft wont to do, and my mind wanders back to the days of yesteryear - as Billy Joel might say "when I wore a younger man's clothes". It is true that my mind has a tendency to wander where it might want to go; so, here goes. Back before my time, and perhaps up until I was able to cognitively understand what was going on around me, when a person told on someone else to an authority figure they were considered to "squeal" or they were a "rat" or a "fink". In some regards there were also "rat finks". Then, during the time when a pay phone cost a dime to make a local call, the term "dropping a dime" was used. During my years in the Marine Corps, around the Vietnam time, a new phrase was coined "Narc". Though its use began in the drug culture referring to "narcotics" and the authorities making arrests, it soon became the go-to phrase for anyone tattling on someone. Well, today, I am pretty much out of touch with popular culture. Thus I am able to title my blog "Tired n retired retard". I am no longer aware of what term is used for tattling. For all practical purposes there may not even be one anymore, in this "politically correct" atmosphere we now live in. Come to think of it, I can see how calling someone a term referring to their propensity to tattle on someone, to come under the heading of "bullying". Oh, that's right, recently we used the term "whistle blower", I think until "Wikileaks" came along. So, I suppose that is enough cogitating for the time being. My mind seems to have tired of wandering, so, I'm gonna put this to bed.

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