Friday, December 20, 2013

Give Me a Break

Supposing, A&E hired the Robertson family with the intent of having a "reality show" that showcased "the dregs of society" who maintained they were Christian, and lived their life according to Biblical standards, for the express purpose of highlighting the bufoonery of being Christian. Reality shows have definitely become the go-to offering from cable. Immediately I think of another reality show that is to premier in January, "Hollywood Hillbillies". It does seem to me, that TV producers are interested in showcasing the fringe of America, as a way to ridicule those of us who stand by absolutes, and "archaic" mores. Supposing, the followership of Duck Dynasty turned out to be not what the A&E intelligentsia thought they were going to get. Not to mention the sponsors of the show turned out to not have the mindset A&E were looking for. Look around, the commercialization of Duck Dynasty is centered around the Robertson family, not A&E. Now, in the aftermath of sidelining the patriarch of the family, A&E is finding the sponsors are supporting him rather than A&E. Think about the outpouring of support for Mr. Robertson against A&E: Facebook has now removed posts supporting him. Their really is an attack on morality, and what this country was founded on. Being a Bible believing person, I believe in the concept of evil. All throughout the history of mankind, ever since the fall recorded in Genesis, there has been evil permeating life. Scripture informs us the Prince of this world is dead set against God, and will do anything to turn humanity away from God. According to the Biblical model, death and illness comes from evil, more than from God. Innocent people die, not because God calls them away, but because evil permeates our world. The USA was founded by Christians, believing they were following Scripture, to implement a country with freedoms not known by any other country, or people. Since our founding, evil has been seeking to undermine every freedom we have secured. Today, our government subsidizes the killing of people, who are made in the image of God, through abortion on demand. Evil is removing our freedoms through individuals who ardently, vociferously speak out against God and Christian values. There is an old axiom, that you never realize what you have until it is gone. When the USA falls to the reign of evil through ignorant voters, and there is no longer a land of the brave and home of the free, we will definitely realize what oppression is. The moniker "we have nothing to fear, but fear itself" is another route to ignorance. We truly have ignorance, and evil to fear. To not do so will eventually be our downfall.

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