Monday, November 21, 2011

Thinking, n not getten paid for it

Have politicians always been liars and thieves?

What a refreshing thought to reflect that George Washington was begged to be President, and he turned down the offer. He, the one, who is remembered for stating, “ I cannot tell a lie, I did it.” Was he being prescient in refusing the position? Perhaps there is some merit in the person who is well qualified for a position, but does not want the position.

The Marine Corps taught me that integrity is embedded in real leaders. You know, real leaders lead from the front. Thusly, it is real leaders that get shot down first. How do you get to be a real leader? You start by being a real follower. A follower that is intent on learning the ins and outs of leadership. We look at the kung fu movies, and find a lot of entertainment in them, but we seem to fail to see the overwhelming evidence that the one who excels at doing the mundane in their training, eventually becomes the stronger.

So, I am to understand, the President of the United States is considered to be the “Leader of the Free World”. The penultimate leader of this country, did not even want the job. Every aspect of human life is rife with temptation to do wrong. Integrity has a lot to do with what you do when no one is watching. Sadly, integrity is full of honesty. And honesty is another trait of a real leader.

So, to answer my question; yes, it seems politicians have always been liars and thieves. A real leader is concerned with the well being of the followers. Politicians only care about themselves and what they can get away with. I imagine there is a special level in hell reserved for politicians.

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