Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ramble, on...

Well, school has started again...yup!, that means school buses are back on the roads again. So, my second week of driving, and yah, you guessed it!
A “Direct TV” van came racing up beside me, and quickly cut in in front of me, and hit his brakes to keep from hitting the vehicle in front, and...to let his traveling buddy pull his van in front of him. I am deliriously happy to know that so many people are so excited to get to their jobs, that they will race all the way, and take chances. Huh! Is there justice in the world? So, yesterday afternoon, in a different part of town, I noticed a rear end bumper thumper involving, yes, that’s right, a “Direct TV” van. Was it the same one? I have no way of knowing, but I would not be surprised at all.
So, a new school year has started, and the city has just about every major route torn up for some kind of construction or repaving. Talk about a zoo.
Oh, yeah! I have a court date next month, a citizen is pleading his case before a judge for running my red lights and stop arm. Never know how that will turn out. But it is always interesting.
My mind has been wandering around a little lately, and has turned out a switcheroo on an old song...”Oh we ain’t got a barrel of monkeys, and we may not be really funky, but we’ll travel our road, sharing our load, side by side.” Psychiatry tells us, that a true indication of mental instability is if you cannot laugh at yourself. I guess that is true, cuz, I do believe that God wants us to have fun while we are passing through this world. Just think how demoralizing life would be if you could not find something pleasing or fun in your day?

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xChristina42 said...

i hate that, as soon as there is more people on the road there seems to be more detours for construction.