Sunday, May 8, 2011

my two cents

I been cogitating on “The Tea Party”.

If we were to revisit the “Tea Party” held in Boston bay, we would find the rebellion centered around taxation, and onerous government. What happened? Did the people band together in groups and wave signs and listen to speakers talk about how mad we are? I don’t think so. What they did do, was to dump the British tea...taxed to the hilt...into the sea, to tell the king, we are tired of your ways, and this is what we think of it.

So, here we are, a couple of hundred years later, and we are attempting to resurrect the efficacy of the Boston Tea Party. Symbolism does nothing; it takes substance to get anything done. We have had Tea Party get togethers, and even had the Tea Party Express traveling across the country to demonstrate our solidarity. But where did that get us? The government looks at the effort and makes jokes, they libel the name by which we are attempting to have a say. The government knows we are not a threat, because they have all the media supporting them, and assisting them in denigrating grass root activism.

The dirty little secret??? They know we may gather in groups and talk and listen, but when it comes down to the rubber meeting the road, they know we ain’t gonna do anything.

So, me thinks, what would approximate a Tea Party today? Indulge me a moment while my mind wanders and looks at possibilities.

How much impact could we have, in the say of things, if everyone who claims to be a supporter of the Tea Party, smaller government, less taxation, less discretionary spending, and less social spending by government were to take a stand?

What statement could we make, if everyone would, say, all in one month, cancel all subscriptions to newspapers, newsmagazines, and cable/dish/satellite television? Would that not be a dumping of the “tea” in the harbor? All these media people shill for the socialist government thugs, because they realize how stupid the average munchkin in flyover country is. They know that we will continue to pay for their slanted stenography and they have nothing to worry about. What would they do if all of a sudden twenty or fifty million people cancelled their subscriptions?

Think about it! That’s all I am asking...THINK ABOUT IT!!!!

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