Saturday, October 2, 2010

Gimme a break

On a billboard, here in town, I viewed a message that reads: “UNITY What makes this country great.”

I wanna puke! Since when is unity the reason this country is great? This country is great because of freedom. Freedom to be and do what I feel is best for me. Freedom to work for a day’s wages, freedom to keep, and use, those wages as I desire. Freedom to give what I want to, and freedom to stand up for what is right.

It was freedom that was on the minds, and hearts, of the founding fathers. Freedom from gummint intrusion, freedom from having a day’s wages taken away to support a gummint. Freedom to believe as I choose. Freedom to live where I wish.

It was freedom that gave us our continental states without any requirement to show identification to travel from one state to another. Freedom to move wherever I wish.

To my military mind, it is unity that is dividing this country. Too much emphasis is being placed on all of us being the same...liking the same thing...having the same things. Isn’t that what “outcome based education” touts? Everyone being the same? If God wanted us to be the same, I believe He would have created robots, instead of people. Truth is, He created us with “free will”, and a heart and soul that cries for freedom.

So, each and every day, we are being bombarded by freaks that don’t like people having freedom. Gummint has been granted too much liberty to confine the citizens of this country.

Then again, the Bible clearly defines for us what happens when we place our trust in man, and not in God. May God have mercy on us.


Catherine Mackie said...

I have to agree that the world tells us that we must be unique and then goes out of its way to mould us all into the same little puppets... In my country we have only had true freedom since 1994. Before that the 'gummint' told us who we could love, who we could marry, where we could live, who we could have as friends, reserved jobs for some of us and excluded others... Yup, I'm South African...

AMB for Christ said...

How can they preach unity, when our law makers are fighting tooth and toe nail every day to be different?