Friday, July 30, 2010

A nuther Hollyweirdo stands up to beat the drum

So, “good-ole boy” Andy Griffith is showing his colors...

Well, I guess if we consider his playing a sheriff on tv, he was pretty much anti-gun, and made an effort to end any trouble by talking rather than collaring. I had never thought about it much in that vein, until I heard that he has come out pretty strongly in support of B. Hussein’s health care program.

And what about lawyer? He did play a lawyer on tv; and apparently a very good one, he never lost a case. But, did you ever notice? He wore the same suit every day...he once said he had a closet full of the suits becuz he liked em. Well, I guess that is alright, when I was in the military I had a locker full of the same uniforms. And it seems to me, nothing was ever as important as having a hot dog.

Ok, yah, sure, ubetcha!! He is a Hollywood personality...why would I have ever entertained the idea that he was a baseball, mom’s apple pie kind of conservative? I spose if I had taken the time to think about it, I would recall that Ronald Reagan didn’t fit into the Hollywood mold, and for some time he was persona non gratis in that realm.

Ummmmm, I spose it goes without saying that he is wealthy...His Mayberry RFD reruns have got to be bringing him in good royalties; and it seems like the reruns of Matlock have been picked up by more than one cable station. Yup, seems like he is more out of the mainstream of American people.

Now that I think about it, he prolly is a good salesman for AARP and B Hussein’s health care.

There is something in this world that is unforgiving, and is mean as a steer with a head at each end of his body...that something is reality. And when reality smacks ya, you know you have been brought up short. When all is said and done, reality is going to surprise a lot of people in this country; however, by then it is too late to change.

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