Sunday, May 23, 2010

Rave on, it's a funny feeling

Are you going to tour SculptureWalk?

Number of votes: 277

Yes: 32.1%
No: 67.9%

If this is the consensus of Sioux Falls residents, what then, is the impetus for wasting tax money on establishing, maintaining, and advertising a "Sculpture Walk"?

So, again, we hear how the city, county, state is hurting for funding...yet, the "lawmakers" find it important to waste money on "aesthetic" things that make them feel better; make them feel like they are cosmopolitan because we have a sculpture walk where "tourists" can ooh, and ahh, over stuff that crowds sidewalks.

I continue to be amazed that our ancestors left europe, on a hazardous journey to live a life that was different than what they had there. And today, some bunch a generations later, we have disgruntled citizens who think european life is better than what we have...those aren't earthquakes we feel when the ground moves, they are our ancestors turning over in their graves.

I have a great idea: Let's encourage all the disgruntled "useful idiots" to abandon their U.S. citizenship, and move to europe where they are free to be as metrosexual as they wish; then we can look at the illegal aliens that are flooding our cities, and find out which ones are willing to forsake their citizenship in their country of birth, and make them citizens.

This country became great, because we are, were, different than the rest of the world. This country was established on the premise, and promise, of freedom, and liberty. Today, she stands on the precipice of sliding into the oblivion of history like so many other "metropolitan" european countries.

So, why does that have to happen? Why are we so hell bent on slipping into the morass of inconsequentialness? Why are we, as a people, so content to lay around and allow individuals to drag us down into the pit of worthlessness just because they don't think it is fair for one country to be better, or greater than any other country.

Sadly, I am better days are well behind me. I gladly put myself into harm's way, 29 years of active duty, because I believe in this country and what she is, and stands, for. Now, I am watching those cowards, who hid in universities revelling in the security provided by me and those others who were willing to stand in the gap, drag this country down because they think we are better than being the greatest country history has ever revealed. A pox on every one of them.

If you don't like our way of living, leave! You know, I think about the "illegal aliens" flocking to get into this country to work and better their lives and lifestyles, and I look at the worthless citizens that lay around all day, waiting for the government to give them something else they want.

I cannot begin to tell you how much it irrigates me to listen to the radio piece where the woman brags about helping her people get back their "unearned tax credits". They aren't theirs to begin with. If it is "unearned" then it has been taken away from those who have "earned".

So, now you know, why I ain't gonna tour SculptureWalk...

Bottom line: Sculpture walk is not worth my time, nor my money; and by me touring it, I would be affirming that I am happy to be a part of the wastefulness. Clean up the sidewalks, let the "artists" earn their living they way everyone else does, rather than depend on the government to pay them with someone else's hard earned money.

Ahh, having a one-sided conversation with an empty wall...Oh well, how much longer will I have the privilege of being able to say what I want?

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