Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rave on, it's a crazy feeling

So the current meme is that 47% of the population will pay no income tax for 2009. What do I have to do to get in that line?

If I give up my military retirement, forgo sosh security benefits, and dump my "tax sheltered annuity"; sue my apartment complex for charging too much rent, change my affilitation to D, and sign up for welfare, or simply sign up as a homeless Vietnam veteran, post photos on FB of me laying around in a cardboard box with a bottle of Wild Irish Rose, stand in front of a downtown restaurant and flash all the women who come out. Yeah, maybe then, I would not have to pay any income tax. You know, I could even get free viagra, and condoms.

Just think, I wouldn't have to worry about anything because there are so many "soshal" programs available between federal, state, county and city, {mustn't forget church affiliated} that I would not have to break a sweat, and when April 15 comes around each year, I could hold up a sign saying something like: "Thank you, for letting me live like a king, without having to break a sweat, or pay income tax."

Think about it. Once or twice a year, the local Salvation Army place holds a "Veteran's Stand Down", I can go there, and get fed, get a haircut, and beard trim, get new sox and underwear, and even pick up some cold weather gear, and it don't cost me a penny.

Add to that, B Hussein's great health care initiative, I won't even have to battle the VA for veteran's health care, cuz the Prez is gonna pay for me to get all the health care I need; plus free Viagra.

Well, that seems like an easy thing to do, but I gotta admit, I don't understand how anyone can live like that. I guess I am an old fuddy-duddy, but I believe that every person should take care of their own self; take responsibility for their own life.

There was a time in this country when there was no tax, or only a minimum tax on income. For those people who do not know the history of the United States of America, our country was founded on the theory that taxation was wrong, and we fought a bloody war to rid ourselves of onerous taxation. And so, for many years, there was very little income tax. Those few whose family was able to benefit from small taxation and build up a sizable estate, are now the ones who don't want any of the rest of us to be able to benefit. Here is an idea that will make income tax fair across the board: Make the current, or projected tax rate retroactive...yah, sure, you bet, let's go back and tax all the income made by the Kennedy's, the Ford's, the Metro Goldwyn Meyer's, the Heinz's, and every one else whose largesse was a result of no, or little taxation in the early years of this country.

For those who truly believe the maxim, "from everyone according to his ability, to everyone according to their need" I would say, "Lead from the front...before you demand that I give up what I have earned, let me see you give up what you have earned". Any intelligent individual, not totally wrapped up in their own personal life, will understand that ain't gonna happen. Taxation, welfare, sosh security programs are all a form of control. The human spirit was created by God for freedom and liberty. Any ideology, or philosophy that goes counter is evil, and will only enslave the spirit and the person.

God created us with a free will; a will to do what He expected or to do what we'er the twain shall meet. Each day we are heading either more toward God, or more away from God. Depending on people will only end up in slavery. True freedom comes from knowing that all is right in my life, between God and me. You can take my freedom, you can kill my body, but my spirit will remain free, as long as I keep my allegiance where it belongs.

Don't pay no income tax? Pshaw!! Naked I came into this world, and naked I will leave it. Blessed be the name of the LORD.

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