Saturday, November 14, 2009

My two cents; for what its worth

This morning's paper online asks the poll question: "Should the decision be appealed by whichever side loses in the smoking ban case?" As of 9:07 am the results are: 210 votes cast; 25.7% say yes, while 74.3% say no. I see two dynamics at work here.

First, there are people whose whole purpose in life is to make sure that everyone is as miserable as they are. The old song, "Misery Loves Company" surely was written before its time. These people also want to run everyone's life. I suppose deviant behavior analysts would have a lot to say about this, but that isn't where I want to go. Suffice it to say, that I am getting really tired, no, I've been tired, I guess that means I am retired, regarding people attempting to run my life, through getting legislatures to pass laws. First, they come and tell us that smoking can kill you, and second hand smoke can kill you, and they even believe that third hand smoke can kill you. Who really gives a big rat's ass? Lightning can kill you; swallowing spiders while you sleep can kill you; drinking alcohol can kill you; having an affair can kill you; walking down the street can kill you, hey, just being born can kill you.

What I find so sinister about this is the fact that this country was founded on liberty and freedom. Uhmmm, that is L I B E R T Y and F R E E D O M! And these nattering nabob's have tweaked the system until we are no longer centered on freedom and liberty, but are a nation of laws. For crying out loud, that's why so many of our ancestors left the old world to come to the new world. To get away from oppressive laws. There are people in this country who are multimillionaires, and for their benefit it is called "old money". They call it old money because it was earned when there were very few laws, and taxes being levied. It was during the time of unprecedented freedom and liberty, to do, and be the best you could be. Now, those "privileged" few, want to make sure no one else can have the benefits they have, so, they get elected into positions of making laws, and they can't find enough areas to write laws on. Sheesh! Can I get a witness?

Well, these nattering nabobs get the legislature critters to write a law outlawing smoking in public places; makes no difference whether the only clientele are smokers, or not. They want to control people, and make everyone as miserable as they are. So, when the business owners, and the people who provide the business income, don't want that law passed, they file a lawsuit, to stop the progression, and bring the thing to a public vote. I daresay, a lot of laws would not be put into place if it depended on the citizenry to vote them into place. How have we become so complacent that we no longer want a hand in the laws that are written?

Secondly, in the past handful of years, we have witnessed a lot of voter fraud in this country. Not too long ago, the Attorney General of one southern state informed the governor and the legislature that they could not clean out the voter rolls; by removing names of dead people, and people who had moved away. When we the people said enough, we want voter ID, the people who want to run our lives told us "NO!"

To exacerbate the entire folly, we see groups of people being bussed to voting sites, and paid to vote a certain way. When we complain, we are told “Hey, that is the American way”. To which I say, “Bravo Sierra”, or “Bovine Scatology”, or, I guess in good old American slang, “Bull Shit!”

The person who is willing to surrender their liberty and freedom for security will soon have no freedom or liberty. Hey, my military mind just popped up an analogy of security and freedom and liberty. Freedom and liberty allow me to go where ever I want, when ever I want. All I need to do is open the door and come and go as I please. Security on the other hand, is being locked up all the time. Why else do you think we term our prisons, “maximum security”, “minimum security”?

Well, I’ve vented my spleen. I guess if you are happy being locked up, and knowing there is very little chance of anything happening to you; then, I guess, I wish you well. If you want nothing more out of life than to be told what to do, where to do it, when to do it, and how to do it, then I wish you the best. However, just because you desire to live like that is no reason for you to require me to live that way. I recall, Hank Williams wrote a song a while back wherein he said, “Mindin other people’s business seems to be high toned, I got all I can do just to mind my own, why don’t you mind your own business? If you mind your own business you’ll be busy all the time.” And that’s all I’m gonna say about that!

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