Sunday, September 6, 2009

Random ramblin

I left Olathe, KS late yesterday, and drove east to Montgomery City, MO. East meaning traveling on I-70. For some reason, eastbound I-70 is home to some of the most dangerous, discourteous, drivers, I have come across in my fifty-some years of driving.

I remember, back in the 60s driving old route 66, it was a major highway, but only two lanes, one in each direction. The courtesy afforded to everyone, by everyone, was common. The rule of the road allowed a slower vehicle, that had caused traffic to back up, and included more than three or four cars, to pull over to the side, and allow traffic to continue. Driving at night was always an experience, specially, when you were going to pass a semi. Of course, back in those days, semis were restricted to only one trailer.

Today, with super, four or five lane, highways, we no longer have to worry about traffic delays from slower vehicles; or tractor trailer rigs with multiple trailers. And yet, it is nothing to watch the traffic situation ahead, and see brake lights coming on.

Yeah, wanna see some really crazy, bordering on stupid, driving? Get eastbound and down, when there is a Jayhawk, Tiger, Cornhusker college football game somewhere in the distance. Yeah, you kin tell which vehicles are trying to set speed records for getting somewhere.

Oh yeah, the primary reason for my rant today, has to do with the cool customers, who wish to "draft" on another vehicle, therefore using less fuel. I find it fun to watch vehicles come racing up behind me, and then suddenly, within thirty feet or so, to suddenly drop speed to match mine. Yup! Just because I choose to drive a good sized SUV does not mean I am totally unconcerned about gas usage. But you know what? You wanna be out on the road, take responsibility for yourself. If you don't want to be buying the gas it takes to get where you wanna go, stay home; or take the bus and leave the driving to Gus.

You wanna draft on me, you gonna find me slowing down to ten or twenty mph under the speed limit, yeah, you got no prolem with that, then go ahead and draft on me; otherwise get off my tail.

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