Friday, August 14, 2009

Obamacare concern

Like many of the other concerned American citizens I have been thinking and rolling around in my mind, just what our country is heading for.

Having spent about half of my life in the military, I have come up with some concerns that seem appropriate to me, and so far, I ain’t seen nobody else talking about.

Primarily, I must say, I am concerned about our military; it is no secret that B Hussein has gone on public record saying since our military is all volunteer, wounded military members do not need public funded health care; as in VA healthcare. Now, I have my own bone to pick with VA and the fed, but that ain’t what I’m addressing here.

Let’s think a moment about all that we know, right now, regarding any proposed health care reform. A gummint panel will evaluate any requests for health care, and decide on validity. We already know this administration and their complicit lackeys are dead set against the military to begin with. You know it really is beyond my ability to comprehend why anybody would hate this country for her strength and benevolence. Even the staunchest Marxist-Leninist communists believe in a strong military. Yet, the statists in this country hate our military, and our ability to stay on the cutting edge of updated military armament. I just don’t understand it!

Anyway, here comes the Obamacare proposals that will do away with individual care, and require everyone to come under the federal gummint auspices. Are you following me? Can you see one of our service members, being wounded in combat, only to come home and be told he/she is no longer a productive member of society, therefore, they cannot avail themselves of our social medical care? Outrageous??? Think it couldn’t happen here? Just think of the money the gummint could save, cuz there would be no “medical retirements” so they wouldn’t have to pay out retirement pay.

As a Marine, we do not believe in leaving anyone behind in combat. But what is gonna happen when we realize that someone has lost both legs, an arm, and sight in one eye, and we are gonna do all we can to get them home, only to find out there is no medical care for them?

I am going to reread Joseph Blayly’s book “Winterflight” because I want to take another look at what he referred to as “Thanotels”. How interesting that a book published in 1981 is so prescient for today. But then again, as Rush says, the dems have been working on getting this far for over sixty years.

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