Friday, August 28, 2009

Getting my head right

How sad…Ted Kennedy is dead.

The thought running through my mind, relating to the adoration and adulation going on throughout the media, I think, is a little bit different than what I am hearing across the air waves.

We are told he was an “icon”. In today’s language, an icon, is primarily a way to enter into another web site with just the click of a mouse. In religious, or archaic, language, an icon is something tangible that is designed to transfer your heart or mind to God.

What an interesting thought…the Kennedy family are undoubtedly, members of the Roman Catholic church. There has been much throughout history that has been instrumental in turning people away from organized religion, and especially the Catholic church.

To my military mind, Ted Kennedy is the epitome of immorality, impurity, enmities, outbursts of anger, disputes, dissensions, drunkenness, carousing and things like these. Yes, you see, by him being an “icon” we think of these things when we think of him. So, what does that say about our national consciousness?

How truly sad, that our society immortalizes someone like this. Is there any wonder how our “Christian” nation has become a “non Christian” nation? Is there any doubt how we have gotten the gummint we have?

More, and more, I am wondering if there is any intelligent life left on this planet.

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